Local MP provides update

Paul Howell MP
Paul Howell is MP for the Sedgefield constituency, including Ferryhill and Chilton.

Sedgefield MP, Paul Howell, has written to the Chapter to provide readers with the latest update of his activities on behalf of the local constituency:


One of the many frustrations of Covid-19 has been the cancellation of our pop up MP surgeries we started early in 2020.

The best part of my role as MP is getting out and meeting people and as the Prime Minister is about to unveil the framework plans as to how lockdown can be eased it should mean we can start these again.

If you have any particular venues you would like to see us schedule surgeries at please get in touch and we will try.

One way I have been in contact has been by attending virtual Parish Council meetings, like Bishop Middleham, but if you have any group you would like me to join for a virtual catch up or to raise an issue please let me know.

I have to say the local Parish Councils I have attended are nothing like the Handforth Parish Council that was on social media recently! We are also able to do zoom meetings for individuals if you wish. 

Ferryhill Railway Station

I would also like to update you on the progress regarding Ferryhill Railway Station. As you probably know the application passed the first hurdle and was approved for funding for a feasibility study. This is now being planned and we have a submission deadline in September but we hope to get it done well before then.

I would particularly like to thank everyone that has supported this initiative so far and as one of the key measures in the feasibility study will be the impact on, and support from, local communities its important we keep those messages coming.

For those not aware, the Ferryhill Station application is focused on getting a station in place and introducing passenger traffic on the existing freight line to Teesside.

The next stage surrounds promoting the Leamside line agenda. This would provide connections up into Wearside and Tyneside and give major capacity improvements to the East Coast Main Line. I am almost continuously briefing Ministers in the Department for Transport about how important this is for us in the north east. 

Vaccine roll out

Whilst we are seeing fantastic progress with the vaccine roll out and we need to thank everyone from the scientists to the volunteers for this, it is important we all do our bit.

If you have the opportunity to be vaccinated please take it and if for any reason you missed your opportunity you can always get in touch and you can still get it.

We all want this to be the last lockdown so please be patient just a little longer and follow the rules to Stay Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.

To contact Paul Howell MP directly, email: paul.howell.mp@parliament.uk
Visit theyworkforyou.com to see Paul Howell MP’s parliamentary record.


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