Durham Constabulary urge public to keep supporting lockdown

Durham Constabulary is urging people in County Durham and Darlington to dig deep and support each other as the nation continues to battle to beat Coronavirus.

“We would like to say a massive thank you those people who continue to adhere to Government rules during the enforced lockdown by staying at home,” said a spokesperson.

“Unfortunately, a small number continue to meet family or friends, whether that be at a house or in public places and therefore their actions are increasing the risk of the virus spreading.

“Durham Constabulary has received an increasing number of complaints relating to anti-social behaviour and reports of people not complying to the lockdown in recent weeks.

“These range from family and friends visiting each other to house parties and people of all ages hanging around together in public places.

“As always, our officers continue to patrol across County Durham and Darlington, and together with the support of neighbourhood wardens, we are speaking to people, engaging with them and explaining the guidelines and encouraging them to do the right thing by staying home.”

Neighbourhood Chief Inspector Dave Coxon, of Durham Constabulary added: “We know people are bored and are keen to resume their normal everyday activities.

“No-one can say how long the restrictions are going to last but by staying at home you are reducing the risk on each other and the pressure on the NHS.

“We need to dig deep together and take it a day at a time.

“Those who think it is OK to go out for anything other than essential purposes need to realise how frustrating it is for those who see this happening and are selflessly making the huge sacrifice to their daily lives by staying at home.

“On a daily basis our officers are working extremely hard and are also having to deal with complaints relating to the lockdown from members of the public.

“Please think about whether what you’re doing is essential. We all need to play our part and take this situation seriously. If you are struggling and need some help or support there are places to turn to.

Let’s look out for each other and remember we’re in this together.”


  1. Can I just add that I think we have an increased responsibility to keep our dogs on leads where possible during this period. We strive to keep our social distancing, yet the natural response is to chase after our dogs right up to the other owner, breaking social distancing theories, and in turn risking our lives.

    Plus it has been sadly reported in numerous cases that this virus can not only carry on our pets, but they themselves can contract the illness, if only in a mild form.


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