Spennymoor Town Council widens fees suspensions

Spennymoor Town Council.

Having taken the decision recently to suspended allotment rents, Spennymoor Town Council is now going further and expanding its suspension of fees and charges to other services and amenities under its jurisdiction.

Councillors remained concerned about the impact the Coronavirus crisis will have on residents, so the council has examined its fees and charges and has decided to undertake the following actions, costing thousands of pounds in council revenues:

Shop rents

These will be suspended whilst the businesses cannot operate and the rents for March will be refunded.  The Council hopes that this will assist businesses going forward and ensure their viability.  This will cost the council some £2,000 per month in income.


Whilst the official bowls season has been cancelled, the Council will not make any charges to those who wish to bowl between now and 31st March 2021.  This will cost the council some £1,500 in income.

Garage and Ground Rents

Will be suspended this year until 1st April 2021.

Grazing Lands

Suspended for this financial year until 1st April 2021 – with a loss of income of approximately £2,200.

Football Pitches

The season has been interrupted, but there will be no charge for the use of pitches up until 1st April 2021 – a loss of expected income of approximately £950.

Jubilee Park

The Council had already agreed to provide the tennis, football pitch, MUGA and crazy golf free during school holidays.  There will be no charge for these facilities until 1st April 2021.  This is a loss of income of £520.

It should be noted that until Council staff are back at work, the play areas are closed due to health and safety reasons and the football pitches and bowling greens will not be maintained.


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