Chilton Juniors FC kick off the year with good news

Chilton Juniors FC U12s
Chilton Juniors FC Under 12s are one of four teams currently run by the club, with a Development Squad in the pipeline.

Secretary of Chilton Juniors FC, Ken Houlahan has kindly provided the Chapter with the following update on the club’s activities.

Good News in 2020, which was undoubtedly one of the most disastrous and uncertain years in living memory, was virtually non-existent.

Being constantly bombarded with bad news, any good news, therefore, is more than welcome. Developments  at Chilton Juniors FC (CJFC) provides a great boost and such great news for the Town.

CJFC, in conjunction with Chilton Academy, are proposing to provide a ‘Community Hub’ that will be constructed on the Academy site, and  managed and operated by CJFC.

It is proposed that the ‘Hub’ will incorporate the following; a full-sized 3G football pitch, changing facilities, a fitness suite, community canteen, ‘drop-in’ youth facility, multi-purpose rooms and a library.

A comprehensive programme of activities will be developed which will incorporate after school clubs, holiday clubs, youth clubs, multi-sports activities, a 7-day-a-week fitness suite, yoga, pilates, and spinning classes, dinner clubs, tea dances and so on.

CJFC was founded approximately two years ago and currently operates four teams. A Development  Squad is also being created.

Both organisations have worked extremely closely together over this  period, with the Juniors training and playing home games at the Academy. This has developed into a Strategic Partnership with a view to delivering the project.

A spokesperson for the Juniors said: “We have been delighted with the  support we have had from the Academy. We could not have developed so quickly and achieved what we have, without their  support. Their positivity and proactive approach to the development proposals has been refreshing to say the least.

“Chilton is a growing  community with changing  demographics that will require much-needed facilities. These proposals will go a long way to  meeting these needs, and are probably the biggest and most exciting developments envisaged for the Town in a very long time.

“Locals frequently and fondly recall how the ‘old College’ was at the heart of the community. These proposals go a long way to restoring the Academy once again to its rightful place at the heart of  the community, something  which is very much what the Academy desires”.

Mrs Dodsworth, Headteacher at Chilton Academy said: “We are excited to be working alongside Chilton Juniors Football Club on such a worthwhile and inspirational project.

“The school are seeking advice on how to move these proposals forward. Both staff and governors feel the Community Hub would benefit the pupils of the school hugely and it would also have an incredibly positive impact on the village”.

Whilst preliminary legal negotiations have already commenced, this is just  the very start of what will be a long and challenging process, but both  parties are confident the project can be achieved for the benefit of the community.

Juniors post-lockdown expansion

As mentioned, the football club currently runs four  teams; an Under 9’s, Under 12’s and two Under 13’s teams.

As soon as the current lockdown has ended and rules permit, the club hopes to increase its offer to local youngsters. It proposes to start a Development Squad, providing coaching for youngsters, boys and girls, from the age of five.

The club also intends to commence regular holiday coaching courses and tournaments. If you are looking for somewhere for your children to train and play football, give us a call. Or if you are interested in starting a team, please contact us for a discussion.

If you are interested in any of these options, please contact me by email as the club secretary.

Juniors follow example of Marcus Rashford

As we are all aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a considerable  amount of hardship for the children of disadvantaged families. This is obviously not the fault of the children themselves – they are the  innocent parties.

Marcus Rashford, has set a great example for the football community by forcing the government into a famous u-turn, and into extending the free school meals programme.

However, with extortionate charging of £30 for £6.00 worth of food, combined with the threat that the current programme of funding was due to end at February half-term, the likelihood was that further hardship would ensue.

Chilton Juniors FC, which is a relatively young club, is also very progressive and aspires with its Community Sports Hub proposals to be at  the heart of the community.

The club therefore decided to use 50% of its February subscriptions, totalling £240, to make a contribution to local food banks, demonstrating its commitment to helping the whole the community.

For more information about the club, including news, images, updates and further contact details, please visit their Facebook page.


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