YHA offers half-term help with free kids’ Activity Pack

YHA free kids Activity Pack
The YHA free kids' Activity Pack can be downloaded from the organisation's website.

If you are wondering what to do with the kids this half term, the youth hostelling charity YHA (England & Wales) has the answer.

Drawing on its 90 years of experience delivering unforgettable school trips, YHA has developed a free downloadable activity pack which is designed to keep primary school-age kids off their screens and occupied this half term.

It’s the perfect antidote to homeschool-stressed parents looking for inspiration this half term. Out go the tablets, phones and laptops and, instead, in come wellies, creativity and a sense of adventure.

Available to download at LiveMoreYHA, the 40-page, A5 booklet is brimming with activities kids can do independently or with the family. Activities include star gazing, scavenger hunts, bird picnics, ice art, snow lanterns and even advice on how to climb trees safely.

And once you’ve finished all that, there is a list of 90 more different ideas of things to do – from watching the sunset to finding shapes in the clouds.

Originally developed by YHA for schools to support them with ‘non screen’ homeschooling days, the Activity Pack is designed to get kids outdoors, connected with nature and get their creativity flowing. Thousands have already been delivered to schools throughout the country.

Anita Kerwin-Nye, Director of Strategy & Engagement at YHA (England & Wales) and a parent of young children herself, said: “Digital learning has been really important during lockdown – and rightly so.

“But there’s nothing like connecting to nature, or looking up at the stars or a little bit of glue and colouring to put a smile on our face.

“We hope this activity pack provides a few fun moments and a welcome break from home schooling and digital devices for children and their families during half-term.”

The pandemic has taken its toll on school children, with 200,000 children at primary school alone missing out on a residential with YHA at one of its 150+ youth hostels in England and Wales.

For many children a school residential trip is their only opportunity to connect with nature and discover the outdoors. YHA’s entire network is currently closed and, since March 2020 the government has advised against any domestic trips (residential and non-residential) for children under 18, organised by educational settings.


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